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How to add captions to my images?

In PhotoSnack, you can name your photos or you can describe them, in order to let people know more about them. You can even add a link to your images.

1. In order to do so navigate to “My slideshows” and then click on the “Edit” button for the slideshow in question. This will take you to the editor, which has 3 steps: Add photos, Customize and Publish.

2. After adding your photos, click on “Edit photos”, where you’ll see that you have the option to add a title, a description or a link.

3. If you forgot to do this at the first step, you can do it when you’re at the second step (Customize), where you can click on “Edit all”.

4. All of these captions will appear below your photos if you check the “Show image info” box, which you’ll also find at the second step, under the Settings tab. Bellow you can find an example of a slideshow with captions.