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How to create a slideshow in 3 easy steps

1. The first step is to make sure that you are logged into your account and click on the "new slideshow" button which is at the top left side of the website or the big "+" button which is at the begging of all slideshows.

2. The second step is to upload the images from your computer or add them from your Facebook/Instagram/Google Photos/Flickr account.

Pro tip: You can add images from a Facebook page you manage as well!

3. Once you added the images click on the "next" button. On this page, you must add a title to your album and then you can finish your work by clicking on the green "finish" button or you can select the "edit slideshow" button to make more changes to your slideshow!


If you choose the "edit slideshow" button, from here you can add transitions to your images, you can use different templates for your album, add music, captions, share buttons and many more features! So feel free to play with the controls from the editor to achieve your best slideshow ever!